Visual Basic 2008 Programming: Business Applications with a Design Perspective
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Chapter 3: User Interface Design: Visual Basic Controls and Events
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3.7   Naming the Controls and Setting the Tab Order

This section discusses the naming convention for VB controls and setting the tab order for the controls on a form. A consistent naming convention for controls makes your code easier to read and understand because the name provides a clue to the control used. The order in which the VB controls in a form receive their focuses when the user presses the Tab key is recognized as the tab order. This order is an important part of the user interface design and must be set properly. An order that appears random to the user can cause frustration  and affect the effectiveness of your program.

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  1. The Picture Box
  • 3.6 VB Controls in the Design of a Data-Entry Interface: Recapitulation
  • 3.7 Naming the Controls and Setting the Tab Order
    1. Naming Convention: Suggested Name Prefixes
    2. Setting the Tab Order
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