Visual Basic 2008 Programming: Business Applications with a Design Perspective
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Appendix C: Sorting and Searching
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C.6 Sequential Search and Binary Search

After data in an array are sorted in order, they can be searched with more efficient algorithms. Data stored randomly can be searched only sequentially. The average number of comparisons required to find an item will be half of the number of elements in the array.
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  1. Header for Quick Sort
  2. Comparing Backward
  3. Comparing Forward
  4. The Outer Loop
  5. Sorting the Sub-arrays
  6. Terminating the Procedure
  7. The Better, the Worse
  8. Solving the Paradox
  9. The Stack Space Issue
  10. The Complete Code for Quick Sort
  • C.5 Comparison of Performance
  • C.6 Sequential Search and Binary Search
    1. Improved Sequential Search with Sorted Data
    2. The Binary Search
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