Visual Basic 2008 Programming: Business Applications with a Design Perspective
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Chapter 2: Visual Basic Programming Concepts
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Alternative Ways to Explore

There are other ways to explore the Help file. For example, if you click the Contents tab, you will see a list of topics with an Expand button (+) on the left. Click the Expand button for Deveopment Tools and Languages, and an array of a list of various topics at the next level will appear. One of these is Visual Studio. Expand Visual Studio and you will see Visual Basic among the next level list. Expand Visual Basic and you should now be able to explore various VB topics. This is a convenient way to get general information about a specific VB topic. However, if you have a specific question such as a method, a property, or an event, using the Index tab can make your search easier.

Alternatively, you can also use the Search option in the Help menu. When you look for help this way, the search results show not only the titles found but also the location and the rank of each title. You can also specify how the search should be done and presented—whether it should be limited to titles, match related words, or highlight search hits.

In this book, you will be reminded of the Help file by a special type of Look It Up box. You can learn more on your own by reading the help text. You will also know what specific type of knowledge you can gain by following the pointer in the box.
Be aware that the help file is not prepared exclusively for VB. You may run into topics of which you are totally unaware. This is the reason why you should limit your search to topics related only to VB by selecting Visual Basic and Related in the Filtered By box at the top of the left pane.

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