Visual Basic 2008 Programming: Business Applications with a Design Perspective
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Chapter 2: Visual Basic Programming Concepts
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The Index Tab

You can explore the Index tab in various ways. For now, focus on how you can use the Index tab to find the answer to the question, “What is the AutoSize property of the label control?” To search for an answer, do the following:

  1. Enter AutoSize in the Look For box on the left pane. The list box will display many topics.
  2. Double-click the AutoSize property in the list box. You will see an Index Results list box in the lower center pane displaying several items.
  3. Double-click Label.AutoSize Property in the Index Results list box. The upper center pane displays the results (see Figure 2-14).

The first part of the window explains the use of the property as well as the syntax. Scroll down the window and you will see a Remarks section that gives additional information on how its different settings (True and False) affect the behavior of the object.

Figure 2-14
The Index tab of the VS help screen

A quick way to get to the help screen is to use the F1 key. For example, if you click the AutoSize property in Label1’s property window and press the F1 key, the help screen will appear and display the same screen as Figure 2-14. You can get many of your VB questions answered by browsing the Help file. Get acquainted with the online Help feature as soon as you can. Whenever you have a question about a control, property, event, or method, simply look it up from the online Help feature.
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