Visual Basic 2008 Programming: Business Applications with a Design Perspective
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Chapter 11: Menus and Multiple-Form Applications
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11.4 Coding an MDI Project: An Example

To illustrate how to handle those special issues involved in an MDI project mentioned in the preceding section, let’s consider a simplified example. You will create a program that behaves similar to Notepad except that the program will be able to handle multiple documents; therefore, you are creating an MDI project. This will involve the following the major steps:

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  1. Differences Between MDI and SDI in Behavior
  2. Creating an MDI Application
  • 11.4 Coding an MDI Project: An Example
    1. Features of the Project
    2. Creating the Interface
    3. Coding the Project
    4. Handling Events in the MDI Parent Form
    5. Handling Events in the Child Form
    6. Building the Find Dialog Box
    7. Creating MDI Applications: A Recap
    8. Additional Remarks
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