Visual Basic 2008 Programming: Business Applications with a Design Perspective
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Chapter 7: Repetition
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7.4   The W-4 Form Project: An Application Example

Loops are used extensively in programs but can be difficult for the beginner to understand. To illustrate how they can be used in a practical problem, consider a simplified aspect of a payroll system. When a new employee is hired, the payroll department needs to establish an employee record for the employee so that proper payroll withholdings can be handled. An aspect of this involves the completion of a W-4 form that requires the employee to divulge information concerning employee’s tax status, such as the marital status and number of dependents. This simplified W-4 form example focuses on the programming steps, rather than the information required.
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  3. Tips for Efficiency
  • 7.4 The W-4 Form Project: An Application Example
    1. The W-4 Form Project
    2. Design Considerations
    3. The Visual Interface
    4. Coding the Project
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