Visual Basic 2008 Programming: Business Applications with a Design Perspective
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Chapter 4: Data, Operations, and Built-In Functions
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Declaring Numeric Data Types

As explained in Section 4.1, “Classification and Declaration of Data ,” you can declare a numeric variable using the following syntax:

Dim name As data type


Dim name+type suffix

You probably have noticed in the first table that not all data types can be declared with a type suffix. Again, for code clarity, avoid declaring variables with type suffixes.
Here are some examples of variable declarations:

Dim NewRec As Boolean ‘Declare NewRec as Boolean type Dim NumberOfEmployees As Integer ‘Declare # of employees as integer Dim RecordCount As Long ‘Declare RecordCount as long Dim HourPay As Single ‘Declare hour pay as single Dim BillsIncome As Double ‘Declare Bill’s income as double Dim Amount As Decimal ‘Declare Amount as Decimal

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