Visual Basic 2008 Programming: Business Applications with a Design Perspective
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Chapter 9: Database and ADO.NET
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9.3 Coding the ADO.NET

This section explains how to code the ADO.NET objects when data commands are used to directly maintain the database. As you will realize in the next section, with the help of the dataset designer some of these coding tasks may not be required. However, it is still very important to gain a thorough understanding of the topics discussed in this section because this knowledge provides the basic background to work with the objects created by the dataset designer.
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  1. Dataset, Data Table, Data Row, and Data Column
  2. The Connection, Data Command, Data Adapter, and Table Adapter
  • 9.3 Coding the ADO.NET
    1. The Connection Object
    2. Using the Data Command: Adding, Updating, and Delete Records
    3. Using Command Parameters
    4. Retrieving Data from the Data Source
    5. The Phonebook Example
    6. Using the Data Adapter to Maintain the Database
    7. Maintaining the Database by the Data Adapter: the Phonebook Example
    8. Binding Data Tables to Controls
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