Visual Basic 2008 Programming: Business Applications with a Design Perspective
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Chapter 14 Beyond the Core
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14.2 Extending the Power of VB

This section discusses how you can extend VB’s power by using other existing software systems. Microsoft Office Excel and Word are used to demonstrate the possibilities. Both Excel and Word are widely used in various business applications. The focus of this section is not on how to program these applications but how to connect them from VB so that their capabilities can be tapped.

The first subsection deals with Excel, where a worksheet has been developed to compute the internal rate of return for any investment project. A simple VB program is written to enter the cash flow for an investment project onto the worksheet and obtain the result. The second subsection shows how to retrieve text from a Word document, manipulate the text to generate another document, and save the results.

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  1. Using the Windows Registry for application settings
  2. Using the My.Settings Object
  3. Additional Remarks
  • 14.2 Extending the Power of VB
    1. Using MS Excel in VB
    2. Using MS Word in VB
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