Visual Basic 2008 Programming: Business Applications with a Design Perspective
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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Introduction
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Review Questions

  1. What is Visual Basic? Is it a language, or is it a program?
  2. What is an interpreter? A compiler? Based on the discussion in the text, if both are available (separately) to process a source program, which one will you use? (Hint: Your choice should depend on the stage of your program development because one is more convenient but the other is more efficient in execution. Note also that fortunately, you do not have to make such a choice for VB. Chapter 2 explains why.)
  3. How is Visual Basic different from its predecessor, BASIC?
  4. What is inheritance? How does inheritance enhance code reusability?
  5. What is an event? How is programming in an event-driven language such a Visual Basic different from that in a procedure-oriented language?
  6. Computers are becoming faster in speed and larger in memory and storage size. Why should the programmer still be concerned about program efficiency in speed and in storage usage? (Hint: Your computer may be performing more than one task at a time.)
  7. What does user-friendliness mean? What constitutes a user-friendly program?
  8. Why is it important to observe consistency in coding style?
  9. What factors can enhance code clarity and readability?
  10. What does modularity mean? Why is it an important consideration in code design?
  11. How do you judge whether an algorithm is elegant?
  12. What factors affect the maintainability of a program?
  13. Enumerate the steps that a programmer should follow in developing a program. What can happen if these steps are not followed?
  14. Why is hands-on practice important to learning Visual Basic? What benefits can you gain by doing a lot of hands-on practice?
  15. What benefits can you gain by developing a habit of browsing the online help file?
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