Visual Basic 2008 Programming: Business Applications with a Design Perspective
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Chapter 8: Arrays and Their Uses
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8-1. Relative Position of a Named Constant for Use 8-2. Use of a Variable for Array Declaration 8-3. Static Arrays 8-4. Use of ReDim
8-5. Use of ReDim 8-6. Using Functions to Declare Subscript Range 8-7. Content of an Array After ReDim 8-8. Preserving Content of an Array After ReDim
8-9. Changing the Number of Subscripts and the Preserve Keyword 8-10. ReDim and Preserve with a Multidimensional Array 8-11. Returning an Array from a Function 8-12. What do you really get
8-13. Another Way to Copy 8-14. Why Add? 8-15. Rank of An Array 8-16. Rank of An Array


8-17. Random Roll Calls with Repetition 8-18. Random Roll Calls Without Repetition 8-19. Computing the Value of a Polynomial Function 8-20. Computing Average, Max, and Min
8-21. Finding the Two Largest Numbers 8-22. Finding the n (n <=5) Largest Numbers 8-23. Which Checks Are Still Outstanding? 8-24. Who Has Not Yet Checked In?
8-25. Counting Frequency of Random Numbers Ranging from 0 to 99 8-26. How Many Times Did Each Patient Visit the Clinic Last Year? 8-27. Searching for a Number in an Array and Returning the Position 8-28. Lookup: Your Grade Given a Score
8-29. Probability of at Least Two Persons with the Same Birthday in a Gathering with 34 People 8-30. Probability of at Least n Persons with the Same Birthday in a Gathering of p People 8-31. Probability of Exactly n (n = 2 to p) Persons with the Same Birthday in a Gathering of p People 8-32. Chances of Winning
8-33. Good Product Units from a Sequential Process 8-34. Parse a Text String into Words 8-35. List All Prime Numbers up to 60,000 8-36. The Sequence Function
8-37. Load Text Boxes, Obtain Cash Flow, and Compute the Net Present Value of an Investment Project 8-38. Computing the Internal Rate of Return for a Project 8-39. Revisiting the Tuition Computation Problem 8-40. Weight Lookup Program Continued
8-41. Binary Search for a Match


8-42. Demand During Lead Time with Random Lead Time Days and Random Daily Demand 8-43. Finding Connected Groups in a Go Game Board


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